Saturday, August 6, 2011


He ain't the one to give you what you need
He ain't the one that's gonna treat you right
He ain't the one that's gonna be by your side girl
Tell me why you stay,When all you feel is pain
But I think that you should know
He don't appreciate the things that you do for him
It's time to let him go,That ain't the love that suppose for you
coz Your so much better baby, ain't you see that?

he's not the one for you coz....
I'll be the one to spend your whole life with
It's killing me cuz you can't see what I see
Girl you should be with me...
I be the one to love you and treat you right
coz girl you deserve better
You should be with me, girl you should be with me.
You've been waiting now for far too long,
To find a man,,, Girl I feel that I could be the one,
To open up your heart,I'll show you all the things girl,
You ain't never seen before, so baby just come along
It's obvious I got what you need.,,,

But I think me and you were meant to be together baby.
So give me the chance,
I can prove to you that I can be your man.
I promise I will be right there anytime that you need it.
I wanna be your only one.
I Never leave your side
I'mma spend the time
I'll show you the way that love's suppose to be
Just come with me...

,,,Girl he ain't the one, he ain't the one for you.
          you should be with me,,,

Sunday, July 24, 2011


To see you once again my love
let me see once again your lovely face
Your sweet smile and your mesmerizing eyes
To forget your memories are so hard
I can’t stop thinking you even for a while
I haven’t yet told you my feeling
Your smile clearly touch my heart
Listen to my heart, saying he miss you so much

when i see you once again,i'll be sure you never forget
Baby I'll show you how good it feels to be my girl
Baby  I'll hold you in my arms so you never apart of me
baby when i see once again, i can prove to you that i can be your man
So baby get ready to do things that you've never done
coz i will show you how good and beautiful to live in this world

Now i been waiting for a long time to see you once again
But still can't wait,i'm gonna hold tight on you until one day
you will come,im here always waiting for you to came a long
       with your perfect smile and angelic face
and when that day comes i will never ever miss a single moment
that im with you i will cherish it all,bcoz when im with i dont like
the day to end.bcoz when im with you i feels like im in heaven
so girl when i see you once gain i promise you never forget
me coz  i do it all to make you girl im here waiting
to see a glimpse of you once again...


I'ma tell her she's my everything, tell her that she's 
all I need and she's the only reason my heart beats

Baby you are
All i ever wanted
Just what i've been dreaming of
You're everything i need and more
Girl you're the one i'm waited for
All this time

i Never thought that i would find love
Then you came along
You're everthing i need and more
Now i swear from today to the end
Nobody's gonna take your place
here in my big loving heart
Everything that i do is for you
And baby that will never change
baby bcoz you all i need
i gotta say that all over again
you all i need

I just wanna let you know
You're my world 
And i'm a never let you go
Girl your, the only one for me
No one else can make me feel
so right the way you does
And every time I close my eyes, I thank the lord
bcoz i meet you .and your my blessing in to my life
You're everything a man could want

For the rest of my life,
She's the girl for me
Gotta make her mine
She'll be, all I need
Gotta make her mine
And maybe this could be
My chance so I just
Gotta make her mine
I'll be thinking about her all the time
 i’m tired of living life alone
need a girl that i can call my own
so i’m gonna give up everything
cuz i think that you could be the one
i don’t care what people say
your the one what i’ve been waiting for
the rest of my life,coz girl you all i need
im pround to say to the whole world that
you all i need...

Saturday, July 23, 2011


We  spent  summer  together, I feel so right
Coz  your  the one  that opened  up my heart
Everyday I took  for  granted
Coz  you are  here
I  can’t  stop thinking about  you
Everytime that summer comes around
            I'm reminded of you
Baby summer love
Got me so hooked on u
I don't know what to do
Every year I feel the same
Baby summer love. is all I'm dreaming of
And girl no matter what
you’ll  always be my summer love

Even though the seasons change
Girl my love remains the same for you
Every day I get my love from you. and I never let it show
You were always there right in my heart .but I never let you know
But  I will never let you go. coz without  you
This summer is so cold  for me
I don’t  want the rain to come
Maybe  because  I’m  afraid that, My love will wash away 
You’re always be my summer love…

Thursday, July 21, 2011


My love, My trust
I gave you everything
My heart, My soul
And every part of me
But you left
And chose to be with out me
Now you wanna
Come back in my life
Tell me why should I?
Believe a word you said
All the tears i cry
I've fallen, much too late
There's no reason why
I go through that again
Your no longer mine
    This time

Bcoz its all over
were all over
after all of pain.and tears
making you for me now you
  coming back to me
sorry i gotta tell this
   its all over

oh girl, i thought we moved on and let it go
now you coming back again... i thought
you said goodbye,and never coming back
   now that im ok and fine
now that i found someone else
  that looks she's so real
sorry girl its to late.for us
 to back in to our love
sorry girl i give you all
my self,my heart and my time
but you just waste it
 its too late for you
to realize how much
     im worth it
so find someone else
who can love you
   the way i do
bcoz its all over for us...
      its over...


Even though I told myself that I moved
Deep down I keep on holding on
It's crazy but true
Girl I'm missing you
And although I'm with somebody else
And no matter what I gotta face the truth
It don't matter how hard I try
I just can't get you off my mind
It's driving me crazy
Missing you baby
Thinking bout you all the time 
your everything i want
But you're the one I need
To me it's  worth it
.Cause girl you had my heart
Right from the very start
It hurts to move on
Cause your all I ever knew
And I gotta stay strong
So I can't break down and cry
You dont have to worry about me
girl, i'll be fine
You dont have to call me again
girl, its alright
You dont have to ask me girl,
i'll be ok
You aint got to tell me that we can still be friends
You aint gotta make no excuses and pretend
cause i'll be ok, said i'll be ok
There no need to call
I cant believe, that i fell so deep
and i let my heart so open
Now i gotta  try to be fine.
Don't know what to do
Things just aint the same
Girl I aint been right
Since your gone
If I could do it all over again
I would go back to the time
Making love over and over again
And I woudn't let you go
Cause without you girl, im lost
But i promise you girl i'll be ok
You dont have to worry about me
girl, i'll be fine
You dont have to call me again
girl, its alright
You dont have to ask me girl, i'll be ok

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I just find that special girl of me
And since that day. I never forget her
She’s the finest girl that I ever see
She been on my mind like a melody
No matter what she do, she’s so sexy
No words can explain. what she means to me

Every time  I see her face. My heart says
She’s the right one for me
And she all I need
And I’m gonna tell the whole world
That you’re  the only right one for me
And maybe this could be the right
Girl for me

I wish you give a chance,And i promise
This be worth it
Will you be more than a friend
If we took it there
I promise you'll see
How good it will be
can we be more than a friend
Let's give love a try
The feeling is right
There's no reason  why cant
be fall in love once again
I just need one chance
To prove that we can be
More than a friend

There's nothing I wouldn't do
Just to show you how I feel
Can't you see that I'm for real
Baby just give me your heart
And I swear I'll never tear it apart
I just need  one chance to prove
That this love will be fine
        One chance